A V Aviation is a well established Aviation Consultancy in South India. This pioneering consultancy firm was established in 2005 with the intention of meeting the burgeoning demand for professionals in the fast-growing aviation sector. Our prime objective in starting this firm was to open up and provide access to the exciting aviation field to people from all walks of life. We believe that anybody who has a passion for flying should be able to fulfil his or her dream – we are here to give wings to their dream. A V Aviation aims to provide world class ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) training for aspiring Indian student pilots. The professional training we impart is in collaboration with Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH, Germany and Leavia Flight Academy, Portugal two top flight centres in Europe. Our USP is that we have worked out a special package for young Indian ATPL aspirants; we want Indian students to reach for the sky! A V Aviation has also established its name in aviation marketing and sales in the last few years. We currently offer tailormade, innovative business charters and sight-seeing flights for the corporate traveler and for reputed firms in the travel industry. A V Aviation prides itself on being a platform for aviation professionals to forge alliances and network with the aviation industry around the world. Our constant endeavor is to enhance the breadth of our services and depth of our expertise. We are outward-looking, passionate about our profession and assimilate best practices in the profession from around the world; this has enabled us to take advantage of every opportunity to grow and strengthen our enterprise. A V Aviation has really taken wing.

Our Vision

To produce aviators of the future; this we intend to achieve by providing you an opportunity to take higher degrees with cutting-edge knowledge which will equip you for the future
To be ethical, efficient, and highly professional in all our business practices.

Our Mission

To be the most preferred aviation academy for students, airlines and the aviation industry.
To provide comprehensive guidance and training to help your career in aviation take wing; like the aviator before every flight, our mission is to guide you through a check-list which makes sure that all procedures to ensure the safe and secure flight of your career are in place.
To ensure that your higher qualification will help you integrate seamlessly into high positions in top aviation companies without much additional effort.
Ultimately we also make it a point to make our students understand, as Jonathan Livingstone Seagull did, that flying always involves more and more learning; we want to make our students passionate about always striving for perfection and professionalism in their chosen career.
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